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Zumwhere is a magical world in the clouds inhabited by cute creatures called Zums.

How do I enter Zumwhere?

Zumwhere is accessed through the Magical Forest in Webkinz World. To enter Zumwhere, you need to buy a Kinz Klip or a Zumbuddy and enter the feature code in the Code Shop in Webkinz World. It can then be entered through the Magical Forest or placed on the Map of Kinzville.

What can I do in Zumwhere?

Once you have entered Zumwhere you may choose from two areas to visit, shown below in the picture of the Webkinz World window seen when you first enter Zumwhere: Visit Zums (and below it to the left the Z-Shop); Zums Sighting (and below it to the right the Zums Fieldguide).