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Webkinz Newz

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Webkinz Newz is the Official Ganz Newspaper and is a part of a larger Ganz site called "GanzWorld".


Exclusive Information

Ganz uses Webkinz Newz to release information to Webkinz Players without having to announce it through Webkinz World. You can see pet virtual images, plushes, PSI's and PSF's around a month before they actually get added to Webkinz World. You can also get information about upcoming events such as Winterfest, Christmas or even Earth Day. Also during any major updates they will post information on what was updated in the "Release Notes" section. Basically Ganz communicates new and upcoming information through Webkinz Newz.


Webkinz Newz Contests

Through Webkinz Newz, Ganz also has started to hold more contests. They hold contests in things ranging from sharing memories to poetry to room design. Also, Ganz will use Webkinz Newz for more Click-to-Win contests, Peek-A-Newz Challenge contests, and Treasure Hunt contests. These contests usually feature a prize from the Ganz eStore or exclusive item to Webkinz Newz Contests. Often when a new eStore Pet comes out, there is a contest concerning it where a number of players will win one. There is usually a month-long contest for the next month's Pet of the Month.

Current contests are located HERE

Prizes exclusively from Webkinz Newz contests are found in the (Picture Gallery) Webkinz Newz Prizes.

Parent Club Contests

A sister site to Webkinz Newz is the Ganz Parent Club.

Currents contests are located HERE

Prizes exclusively from Parent Club contests are also found in the (Picture Gallery) Webkinz Newz Prizes.

Pet of The Month Videos

Click on the Fun tab and go to Pet of The Month Videos (Often referred to as POTM Videos) -- Here you can view any videos in order of newest to oldest. POTM Videos also include the title of song, date, and description. With some POTM Videos you can take quizzes by watching the video and at the end take the quiz. If you answer all the questions correct, you can type in your Webkinz username and password and receive a prize in your dock next time you log on to Webkinz.

Pick N' Win

Main Article: Pick N' Win

Pick N' Win is a feature on the Webkinz Newz that features daily quizzes, daily polls, and surveys. Upon completion of a quiz, poll, or survey, users receive a random amount of KinzCash between 10 and 500.

GanzWorld Rewards

Main Article: GanzWorld Rewards

GanzWorld Rewards is a feature on Webkinz Newz that allows members to trade in moneyz they earn around the site for Webkinz World prizes.


The Webkinz Newz arcade is an area with many types of games. You do not need to log into the Webkinz Newz site in order to play the games, but if you do then you can earn Kinzcash for a Webkinz account.

Games are categorized into sections

Newest Games

Lists the newest games on Webkinz Newz. They are listed near the top of the screen for added attention.

Popular Games

Lists the most popular games on Webkinz Newz. Use these icons to quickly start your favorites.

Action Games

The Barrier

Cabbie Hop

Disc Faceoff

Gold Grapplin'

Heap O' Marbles

Memory Mines

Pocket-Sink Pool

Sandwich Server

Snowman Slopes


Comb Crasher

Easter Egg Overload

Firework Burst


Line O' Five

Mahjongg Tile Towers 2


Starline Shift



Forty Thieves

Klondike Solitaire

Spider Solitaire

Thieves of Egypt

Yukon Solitaire



Word Search


Eager Beaver Adventure Park

Get Eleven Solitaire

Goober's Lab

Smoothie Moves


Under Construction Feel free to add any information you know and find necessary.