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Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value (WIGEV) Guide

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This page is protected because it is an official article.


The GE staff here at Webkinz Insider, assisted by several of our wonderful Gift Gurus, have worked very hard to make sure this guide is as accurate as possible. Since it is impossible to anticipate or account for every variable in every situation, average values have been provided. It is still up to you to assign specific values to the items in your list within the ranges provided.

The WIGEV may never attain perfection, but hopefully it will keep pace with the ever changing values in Webkinz World and continue to be a useful tool for our members.


Notice of WIGEV Updates

Hello everyone,

First of all, I think many of our users will have noticed a lack of updates in our WIGEV section of the WIki. This is something the staff at WI is well aware of, and an issue we are working to address. However, we are working on a different solution to address the issue of the WIGEV as it is one of the most time consuming projects we have running on WI.

I wanted to take a moment to assure you that the WIGEV is on our list of priorities. We (The Administrative team) have placed the updates of this guide on the back burner, in order to provide a solution to the needs of this guide, and how best it should be addressed. Over the years the guide has expanded to include many different items, value systems, and guidelines on how items should be valued to provide a fair and interesting trading community for Webkinz. As that expansion has happened, it has become apparent that this guide is far too massive for one or two individuals to undertake. It creates a ton of staff/volunteer burnout, and something we want to avoid for the future (as best as possible).

As we move forward with this project, I wanted to give our community a heads up on a few changes that are being made to the WIGEV. Our first and top priority with this guide is to address the WIGEV & the work load involved in maintaining this guide. While I won't go into details on how this new system will work, the end goal is to have a more dedicated focus on the WIGEV that will provide timely, effective, and top quality work we all have come to expect with the WIGEV.

Moving forward, it would be fair to state the certain aspects of the guide will be effected for the time being. This is only a short term set-back, and not one you will need to expect in the new year. Your patience will be greatly appreciated as we work to resolve these issues. I understand it is a guide most traders use daily, however, I hope that common sense can be applied to most values (IE: new PSIs & exclusives especially -- along with returning click-to-win items, seasonal pets/items, etc. returning to "available/current" values) and trading can, for the most part, continue at a fairly regular pace here on WI.

In the long run, while the values may not be updated as regular as we would all like at this moment in time. FIA & a special group of traders put in place a very important piece of work, and one that we want to maintain properly. That is our goal, and one that we are working tirelessly towards. We hope that by addressing this issue now we can provide a LONG TERM solution for the WIGEV and the valuable information it provides this community.

Many thanks for your patience,


Want to Use the WIGEV on your website?

The WIGEV was created by, and for the use of, Webkinz Insider members. If you are interested in using these values on another site, please feel free to post a link to this article. Do NOT cut and paste the WIGEV on your site. The WIGEV is updated frequently, sometimes several times a week. If you are interested in using these values, the only way to make sure everyone is looking at the same data is to have it in one, and only one, location. This article is it.

How do I know if my Trade is fair?

Every Webkinz fan site that allows trading has different rules for their trading areas. If you are trading on another site, you need to follow the rules on that particular site. Remember, trades that take place off of Webkinz Insider should not be discussed on Webkinz Insider. This includes trades that take place inside of the Webkinz World Clubhouse Trade Rooms.

Here on Webkinz Insider we have what we call the "Fair Gift Exchange Policy". Basically, a fair trade is when two people trade items of equal value or when one person offers a higher value item for a lower value item they really want. If you are a member of Webkinz Insider's Gift Exchange, please click here for more details: WI's Fair Gift Exchange Policy

What if I find a mistake, or if I disagree with a value?

The WIGEV is reviewed and updated frequently, and from time to time mistakes are made. If you find an error in the guide, please notify a member of the staff.

The WIGEV is designed to be a reflection of what items are actually trading for in Webkinz Insider's Gift Exchange, and in many cases to show what it is anticipated those items will be trading for in the future. If you see a value you feel is off, please notify a member of the staff so we can take a look at that item and, if necessary, make an update.

WIGEV Sections

Adventure Park
Christmas & Hanukkah
Curio Shop Only
Deluxe Membership
Feature Code
Ganz eStore
Gem Hunt
Holiday Gifts
KinzStyle & Clothes
KinzVille Academy
KinzVille Park
Magical Forest
Mazin' Hamsters
Misc. Items
Mobile App
Pet Special Foods
Pet Specific Items
Seasonal wShop
Trading Cards
Vacation Island
Virtual Figures & Items
Wacky Zingoz Celebration
Webkinz Challenges
Webkinz Foundation


Webkinz Friends


Webkinz Newz
Wheels & Games
wShop & PJ's Outlet


Need help finding an item?

Use the WIki search feature to find pages that contain the item's name


OR, check out this page: Entire WIGEV on one page (Please be patient while the page loads.)

Want to know what this stuff looks like?

Check out this page: Webkinz Insider Picture Gallery


Thank you to the following Staff and Gift Gurus for their wonderful work on this project:

Auntkinz, cynalot, Disneymum, hisgrace24, jms, Masteryoda, mom2hnemi, Momma, smitchell

and to anyone I may have forgotten. Thank you.

--FIA (12/03/2007)