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Webkinz Friends

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Webkinz Friends is a Facebook app targeted for ages 13+. It is also available as an iPad app.



Ganz has announced that Webkinz Friends will be shutting down as of August 31st, 2014. This closure will affect both the iPad and Facebook application. Please see WI News article for further detail[1].

Game Play

IMPORTANT NOTE: While Facebook Credits are an option for players to use, our guide does not in any way require you to purchase them. Facebook Credits DO require real money, and can be purchased through the Webkinz Friends app via Paypal or Credit Card. Should you wish to add new pets, complete tasks faster, or bypass tasks that require neighbors these credits are an option to consider. Please be responsible in your purchases.

Navigating the Game

Webkinz Friends is set up similarly to most facebook games, many players may find it very easy to navigate the game and its UI[2] because this similarity.

For players who are unfamiliar with facebook games, please refer to the map and description included below, and their assigned number. This will describe each element of the interface and where you can find each tool/information you may require.

  • 1: Your quest icons will be displayed on the left hand of the screen. By clicking these icons you can view your current quests and their requirements. You can find out more about these quests at Webkinz Friends Quests.
  • 2: The blue bar displays your current energy. The purple bar is your collected experience. The experience bar also shows how much experience is required to level up.
  • 3: This is your current happiness level for your town, and the quality of your house/town.
  • 4: Lists your current materials, items, clothing, and food. You may also adopt a pet by clicking the "adoption" button.
  • 5: Here you can visit the Kinzmart, view your current pets, access your movement tools[3], or view your collections.
  • 6: Your current neighbors. You can visit a neighbor by clicking on their picture and selecting "visit"
  • 7: Displays how much Kinzcash, Facebook credits[4], your current population and population max.
  • 8: These options allow you to control the sound, size, and quality of the game.
  • 9: The tabs above allow you to send gifts, neighbor requests, accept sent gifts/requests, access help information, and purchase facebook credits.

Visiting Neighbors

Each day when you visit your neighbor/friend on Webkinz Friends, you will automatically earn one energy to use in your own Kinzville. You also have the option of helping your friend with five tasks. These tasks do not use your own energy, and can be used to assist your friends in harvesting plants, visiting houses for cash, cutting down trees, and more! Any cash and resources you gain from this may be used in your town, and it does not affect your neighbor. Each house and building you can harvest yields 20 kinzcash, and each tree yields 5 building materials.

Leveling and Rewards

Leveling can be done through a number of different elements of game play. The simplest way to level when starting out is to complete the Webkinz Friends Quests that you acquire. These quests will teach the very basics of game play, and allow you to build the basic foundation of your Kinzville!

Experience is also acquired through other forms. Each time you collect from a business, entertainment building, house, harvest plants, chop down trees, and other tasks you have a chance to collect some experience. These tasks are often required to complete quests, which means by completing the requirements of the quest you are also earning some experience.

Each level unlocks certain items from the Kinzmart to purchase, replenishes your energy, and allows you to acquire new quests to complete. Some quests require you purchase items that are above your level. This is why some players choose to have multiple businesses or crops to earn experience at later levels.

The current level cap for Webkinz Friends is Level 50.

Level Rewards

Level Unlock Rewards
One Starting Level: No unlock rewards.
Two Kinzvision HDTV, Beautiful Birch, Sweet Sugar Maple.
Three Gizmo Bush, Cherry Blossom Tree, Leafy Elm.
Four Gas Pump, Silk Tree, Tomato Plant, Bungalow.
Five Paper Lantern, Acropolis Bed, Acacia Tree, Information Booth, Toy Store.
Six Pool, Hot Fudge Willow Tree
Seven Antique Lamp Post, Piggy Plum Tree, Zucchini Plant, Brownstone
Eight Apartment Building, Gazing Gazebo, Large Rock.
Nine Spectacular Spruce
Ten Avante Condo Side Table, Coffee & Cream Side Table, Candles OR Backyard Fun Swing, Barbershop Flooring, Teacup Waterfall
Eleven Hand Sculpted Statue
Twelve Peaceful Park Bridge, Charm Forest Flowers, Lofts
Thirteen Freshly Planted Garden OR Big Bark Clock Tower, Bouncy Castle, Rainbow Slide
Fourteen Epic Rolling Hills, Ballerina Sofa, Glass Table With Flower
Fifteen Water Dog Falls
Sixteen Work of Art Shrubbery
Seventeen Pirate Ship
Eighteen Countryside Gazebo
Nineteen Mocha Swirls Wallpaper, Epic Green Mountain, Fanciful Bathroom Mirror
Twenty Alps Rescue Station
Twenty One Zangoz Statue
Twenty Two Fresh Water Waterfall
Twenty Three Epic Large Mountain, Clothing Store
Twenty Four Clothing Factory, Tyrannical Rex Slide, Widget Factory
Twenty Five Grey Owl Wonderful Waterfall
Twenty Six Jewelry Store
Twenty Seven Rainbow Road
Twenty Eight
Twenty Nine Whimsical Water Fountain, Nightlight Flower Bed, Magic Mirror
Thirty Desert Oasis Pond
Thirty One Hand Sculpted Bird Bath
Thirty Two Dizzy Drop Ride

Webkinz Friends Quests

The Webkinz Friends Facebook app allows users to level up in a few different ways. One of the best ways to level up during your first 6 levels is simply to complete the quests provided by the game. These quests teach you the basics and will require you to start building the foundation of a successful kinzville!

For detailed quest information please see our WIki page Webkinz Friends Quests.

Understanding Supplies

There are five types of supplies you will need to collect in Webkinz Friends. They are: food, clothes, items, Kinzcash and building material. Many of the buildings and businesses you will purchase require these supplies in order to produce coins. The maximum amount of supplies you can have at any one time is 9,999 for food, clothes, items and material. The maximum amount of Kinzcash is 999,999. After you reach the maximum, you will not be able to receive anything but experience from collecting from resources/buildings.

Collecting Supplies

Each one of these supplies are collected in different ways. All supplies may be rewarded after completing a Webkinz Friends Quests or through completing specific collections.

Image:Image 214.png Kinzcash: collected through businesses, houses, collection rewards, removing dead plants, and quests.

Image:Image 841.png Clothes: collected through harvesting crops, collection rewards, and quests.

Image:Image 806.png Food: collected through harvesting crops, collection rewards, and quests.

Image:Image 780.png Items: collected through harvesting crops, collection rewards, and quests.

Image:Image 1120.png Material: collected through harvesting crops (specifically trees), collection rewards, and quests.

Image:Energy webkinzfriends.pngEnergy collected through visitation of your own buildings; visiting friends, and some types of collections.

Image:Experience webkinzfriends.pngExperience collected through many activities within WKF.


Currently there are 10 styles of houses available. Each house has different building and level requirements, it will also cost energy to build the house. After a house is built, it will reward a specific number of coins per hour, and take up some of your population. Building houses will sometimes be a requirement of Webkinz Friends Quests.

House Cost Population Added Level Required Quality Added Kinzcash Earned
A-frame 250kc, 20 material 10 Level 2 10 40kc every 25 minutes.
Apartment Building 2,450kc, 30 material 70 Level 8 20 300kc every 4 hours.
Bed and Breakfast 5,000kc, 600 material 120  ? 100 500kc every 6 hours.
Brownstone 3,800, 50 material 100 Level 7 25 450kc every 6 hours
Bungalow 480kc, 15 Material 16 Level 4 10 60kc every 45 minutes
Candy Striped Home 150 diamonds, 100 material 150  ? 2,000 1,000kc every 1 hour.
Chalet 1,270kc, ? 32  ? 10 115kc every 1.5 hours.
Chateau 200 diamonds, 200 material 800  ? 3,250 2,250kc every 12 hours.
Chic Modern Home 80 diamonds, 50 material 400  ? 2,000 1,000kc every 2 hours.
Cottage 830kc, 21 material 24 Level 2 10 75kc every 1 hour.
Estate 20,000 kc, 1,800 material 400  ? 300 1,000kc every 12 hours.
Golden Loft 125 diamonds, 100 material 600  ? 2,000 1,500kc every 4 hours.
Golden Mansion 300,000kc, 250 material 250  ? 3,600 2,250kc every 24 hours.
Green Bungalow 480kc, 15 material 16  ? 10 60kc every 45 minutes.
Ivy Covered Loft 10,000kc, 900 material 200  ? 150 700kc every 8 hours.
Log Cabin 140kc, 10 material 4 Level 2 5 25kc every 15 minutes.
Manor 250 diamonds, 300 material 1,000  ? 4,000 2,750 every 12 hours.
Mansion 50 diamonds, 200 material 250 Level 30 40 1,800kc every 24 hours.
Mobile Home 45kc, 10 material 2 Level 2 5 16kc every 10 minutes
Orange Bungalow 480kc, 15 material 16  ? 10 60kc every 45 minutes.
Pink Mobile Home 15 diamonds, 10 material 2  ? 200 200kc every 10 minutes.
Pink Modern Home 200kc, 120 material 50  ? 25 140kc every 1 hour.
Plumpy's House ? 5  ? 60 300kc every 24 hours.
Ranch 3,600kc, 450 material 100  ? 80 380kc every 4 hours.
Red Brick Home 30,000kc, 300 material 75  ? 625 300kc every 1 hour.
Stone Cottage 2,800kc, 180 material 80  ? 30 250kc every 1.5 hours
Townhouse 1,800kc, 52 material 45 Level 7 15 150kc every 2 hours.
Wood Hut ? 50  ? 200 400kc every 4 hours.
Yellow Brick Home 18,000kc, 200 material 50  ? 450 200kc every 1 hour.
Yellow Townhouse 1,800kc, 52 material 45  ? 15 150kc every 2 hours.
Lofts 5,600kc, 120 material 140 Level 12 30 600kc every 8 hours.
Alex Tiger's House Free, ? material 5 Complete "Fluffington's Arrival" Quest 55 110kc every 1 hour.
Molly Pig's House Free, ? material 5 Complete "Helping Alex" Quest 58 12kc every 5 minutes.


There are currently 10 businesses available for players to purchase. Each business uses clothing, items, or food as supplies. Supplying a business with the required component you will earn a select amount of Kinzcash at a specific time. Building businesses will sometimes be a requirement of Webkinz Friends Quests

Business Cost Quality Added Level Required Supplies Used Kinzcash Earned
Alyssa's Magic Potion Shop 85 diamonds, 240 material 750  ? 300 Items 1,750kc every 30 minutes.
Bakery 400kc, 40 material 10 Level 1 20 Food 70kc every 5 minutes
Bookstore 2,500kc, 28 material 10  ? 60 Items 300kc every 14 minutes
Cafe 1,000kc, 48 material 10  ? 75 Food 230kc every 18 minutes
Candy Store 8,000kc, 100 material 50  ? 60 Food 450kc every 20 minutes
Carnival Games Stand 11,000kc, 60 material 35  ? 35 Items 250kc every 15 minutes
Chocolate Stand 65 diamonds 20  ? 30 Food Unlimited uses
Circus Snack Stand 7,500kc 800  ? 325 Items 2,200kc every 2 hours
Curio Shop  ? 10  ? 500 Items 2,700kc every 3 hours
Donut Shop 900kc, 48 material 10 Level 2 55 Food 170kc every 14 minutes
Fancy Restaurant 2,500kc, 60 material 15 Complete 'Welcome Wagon' Quest 120 Food 380kc every 34 minutes
Fast Food Restaurant 800kc, 40 material 10 10 40 Food 130kc, 9 minutes
Fishing Hut 8,000kc 400  ? 1,000 Food 5,000kc every 10 hours
Florist 18,000kc, 100 material 40  ? 110 Items 750kc every 15 minutes
Jewelry Store 45 diamonds, 40 material 10 27 150 Items 900kc every 45 minutes
Kinz Radio Station  ? 20  ? 110 Items 625kc every 30 minutes
KinzStyle Outlet 2,000kc, 40 material 10  ? 50 Items 250kc every 10 minutes
La Souffle  ? 60  ? 80 Food 650kc every 40 minutes
Le Snout  ? 100  ? 160 Food 1,600kc every 10 minutes
Music Store 20,000kc, 80 material 20  ? 650 Items 4,800kc every 4 hours
Nafaria's Spell Shop 70 diamonds, 240 material 100  ? 800 Items 5,500kc every 7 hours
Pharmacy 10,000kc, 240 material 50  ? 300 Items 1,750kc every 30 minutes
Rockerz Cafe 60 diamonds, 20 material 50  ? 60 Food 400kc every 20 minutes
Salon 5,000kc, 80 material 10 10 110 Clothes 480kc every 27 minutes
Shoe Store 1,500kc, 36 material 10 Level 2 40 Clothes 160kc every 9 minutes
Silo Storage Tower 25 diamonds, 200 material 50  ? 100 Food 1,200kc every 1 hour
Snack Shack 10,000kc, 180 material 50  ? 300 Food 2,000kc every 3 hours
Spa 22,000kc, 200 material 40  ? 200 Items 1,500kc every 30 minutes
Spree Mall 100 diamonds, 200 material 150  ? 600 Clothing 5,000kc every 3 hours
Toy Store 4,000kc, 48 material 10 Level 5 80 Items 450kc every 23 minutes
Tuck Shop 2,000kc, 200 material 200  ? 1,000kc 300 Food every 3 hours
Art Supplies 12,000kc, 40 material 25 20 250 Items 1,550kc every 1 hour
Clothing Store 600kc, 40 material 35 24 180 Clothing 880kc every 56 minutes

Entertainment Buildings

There are currently 4 entertainment buildings available for players to purchase and 1 that is awarded by completing a Webkinz Friends Quests. Each entertainment building uses kinzcash as supplies. Supplying an entertainment building with the correct amount of kinzcash will earn you a select amount of happiness at a specific time. Building entertainment buildings will sometimes be a requirement of Webkinz Friends Quests

Entertainment Building Cost Quality Added Level Required Kinzcash Used Happiness Earned
Arcade 1200kc, 80 material 110 2 50kc 5 happiness every 30 minutes
Bowling Alley 6,000kc, 75 material 70  ? 70kc 7 happiness every 30 minutes
Cinema 1000kc, 30 material 95 2 40kc 4 happiness every 15 minutes
Circus Tent 1,000kc 150  ? 500kc 7 happiness every 30 minutes
Clubhouse 4860kc, 75 material 145 2 70kc 7 happiness every 6 hours
Henrietta Hippo Theater  ? 100  ? 400kc 15 happiness every 8 hours
Music Starz  ? 60  ? 800kc 10 happiness every 2 hours
Opera House 30,000kc, 200 material 200  ? 650kc 20 happiness every 9 hours
Play Fort 500kc 120  ? 250kc 4 happiness every 15 minutes
Wheel of WOW  ? 215  ?  ? 1 spin every 24 hours
Water Park 8,620kc, 125 material 220 42 100kc 8 happiness every 12 hours

Community Buildings

There are currently 5 community buildings available to be purchased, and 3 that are awarded through Webkinz Friends Quests. The community buildings do not require any supplies. Every 24 hours a community building will supply you with a set amount of kinzcash. Community buildings are also used to raise your population cap. Building community buildings will sometimes be a requirement of Webkinz Friends Quests.

Community Building Cost Quality Added Level Required Cap Kinzcash Earned
Bank 75,000kc, 600 material 500  ? 500 3,000kc every 24 hours
Community Center 12,800kc, 140 material 50 Quest 200 250kc every 24 hours
Employment Office 50,000kc, 500 material 50  ? 700 400kc every 24 hours
Hospital 55 diamonds, 100 material 50 25 300 600kc every 24 hours
Information Booth 300kc, 60 material 50 5 50 100kc every 24 hours
KinzPost Office 20,000kc, 140 material 50 Quest 300 300kc every 24 hours
Kinzville Academy 32,000kc, 200 material 50 Quest 450 350kc every 24 hours
Museum 55 diamonds, 120 material 50 20 1,500 1,500kc every 24 hours
Police Station 2,500kc, 45 material 30 10 100 150kc every 24 hours
Webkinz Gazette HQ 160,000kc, 350 material 50  ? 1,450 600kc every 24 hours
Fire Department 7,000kc, 100 material 40 15 150 200kc every 24 hours
Library 100,000kc, 550 material 50  ? 1,000 450kc every 24 hours


Currently there are 28 different resource items available to be purchased, some that must be unlocked through quests and leveling up. Each resource is unique and produces supplies that can be used to supply your buildings. Certain resources can only be used once, others can be used multiple times and some are unlimited uses. When you remove a resource that can be used multiple times you receive some Kinzcash back. The number of resources that can be owned depends on your population. Building resources will sometimes be a requirement of Webkinz Friends Quests.

Each resource gives a certain amount of supplies ("payment") in a certain amount of time, for a certain amount of uses. When choosing resources, you should look at two things: how much you are paying for each payment and the time it takes to produce that payment. You might also want to look at your energy count and make a decision based on how often you can harvest your resources.

Below is a table designed to help you decide which resources work best for you. If you want a cost-effective resource, look under the heading "Payment per Use". This number is the total payment you'll receive after you completely use the resource, divided by the starting cost. The lower the number, the less you have to pay for each individual supply. If you want a time-effective resource, look under the heading "Payment per Min". This number is the amount of supplies collected in one use of the resource, divided by the time it takes to grow the item in minutes. The higher the the number, the more supplies you earn per minute.

Resource - Food Cost Uses Payment per Use Cost per Payment Time (min) per Use Payment per Min
Carrot Plant 10 1 5 Food 2kc 5 1
Strawberry Plant 18 1 9 Food 2kc 15 1
Sushi Plant 90 2 30 1.5 30 1
Tomato Plant 28 1 15 1.87 15 1
Ice Cream Tree 140 2 50 1.4 45 1.11
Zucchini Plant 35 1 20 1.75 25 0.8
Spaghetti Plant 300 5 75 0.8 60 1.25
Cupcake Tree 500 5 100 1 90 1.11
Resource - Items Cost Uses Payment per Use Cost per Payment Time (min) per Use Payment per Min
Doodad Bush 150 5 60 0.94 180 0.33
Emerald Leaf Tree 300 2 160 0.94 240 0.67
Gizmo Bush 60 1 25 2.4 30 0.83
Sapphire Leaf Tree 450 3 300 0.5 600 0.5
Ruby Leaf Tree 1000 4 450 0.56 1200 0.38
Widget Factory 57 FB credits unlimited 500 n/a 1800 0.33
Plastic Factory 15,000 unlimited 800 n/a 2880 0.27
Resource - Material Cost Uses Payment per Use Cost per Payment Time (min) per Use Payment per Min
Giant Pine Tree 220 5 35 1.26 60 0.58
Leafy Elm 50 2 15 1.67 15 1
Maple 80 2 25 1.6 30 0.83
Surprise Pond 2000 unlimited 80 n/a 240 0.33
Slag Mine 7500 unlimited 500 n/a 2880 0.17
Resource - Clothing Cost Uses Payment per Use Cost per Payment Time (min) per Use Payment per Min
Leafy Cotton Plant 35 1 10 3.5 10 1
Silk Tree 170 2 60 1.42 120 0.5
Thread Tree 60 1 25 2.4 30 0.83
Leafy Quilted Plant 100 1 160 0.63 240 0.67
Tufted Tree 300 2 300 1 480 0.63
Wool Plant 260 2 210 0.81 360 0.58
Mill 5100 unlimited 350 n/a 720 0.49
Clothing Factory 70 FB credits unlimited 400 n/a 840 0.48


There are three expansion plots available, the first costs 2,500kc, the second 5,000kc, the third 7,000kc. Additional plots are not yet available (a 4th plot is priced 10,000kc) but will be added at a later time according to the App. The store currently cites that you require 1,000 quality purchase the first expansion plot.

  2. UI stands for "User Interface"
  3. using these you can move, delete or rotate a building or decoration
  4. Facebook Credits are purchased using real money through pay pal or a credit card