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Tournament Arena

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The Tournament Arena

The Tournament Arena is the place to play games against other players. It can be accessed from the drop-down menu in Things To Do and from the Map of Kinzville.

Types of Tournaments

There are two ways to play games in the Tournament Arena; (i) one-on-one against your friends or other Webkinz World members (called player-vs-player or PVP games), or (ii) participate in a quick tournament against a set number of other players. Only certain games are PVP.

PVP Games

To play a PVP game, you choose a game from the list and click on QuickStart. You can challenge a friend from your friend's list or click on Find Me an Opponent, and a player will be chosen randomly. Kinzcash is awarded upon completion of the game. Both players receive Kinzcash, with the winner receiving a greater amount. If a player quits the game before it is finished, the other player will receive a portion of the winnings that would have otherwise been awarded. After completing a PVP game, either you or your opponent can ask for a rematch or ask to play a different PVP game.

Quick Tournaments

When you choose a Quick Tournament Game, a screen will open telling you the type of tournament you will be playing (all games are currently "Best Score Wins"), the Prize Pool and the number of players entered.

In a Quick Tournament, you will earn the same Kinzcash as if you were the playing the game in the Arcade. You can earn bonus Kinzcash if you win or place high enough. In "Best Score Wins" games, the person with the highest score wins the Tournament; the Kinzcash awarded for winning depends on the size of the tournament. If there are 0-10 players, the player with the highest score is awarded 20KC and the player with the second highest score is awarded 10KC. In tournaments with 11-20 players, the prizes are 50KC, 35KC and 25KC, for first, second and third place, respectively. In tournaments with 21-50 players, the prizes are 50KC, 35KC, 25KC, 20KC and 15 KC for first, second, third, fourth and fifth place, respectively, and 10KC for sixth, seventh and eighth place.

Kinzcash is awarded once the maximum amount of players have completed the game; you can check back at a later time to determine where you placed by clicking on the Gold Cup icon in the top left of the Tournament Arena screen. The icon will be blinking when the tournament has been completed and the results tabulated. If you won any bonus Kinzcash it will automatically be added to your bank. You can also see the results of a tournament by clicking on the game and the "View My results" button.

If a Player Quits

Ganz came out with a new update on July 23, 2011 that if a player quits you will automatically keep playing with a computer. As of July 25, 2011 it is undergoing addition, so it may be a while before the feature for sure starts.As of May 11 ,2014 this feature still does not work.


The quick tournament games in the Tournament Arena are the same games available in the Arcade. The two-player (PVP) games are listed below:

2-Player Arena Games
Cash Cow (2-player version)
Dogbeard's Bathtub Battles
Duck Crossing
Kinz Pinz Bowling
Quizzy's Whizkinz (retired)
Rock Paper Scissors
Trading Card Challenge Game (retired)
Trading Card Mix N Match (retired)
Wacky Zingoz (2-player version)
Wacky Zingoz Extreme[1]
Webkinz Chef Challenge
Webkinz Supermodelz
Zingoz Switcherooz
  1. Only available if you have unlocked a Zingoz Pushie or if you are invited by an opponent who has unlocked one.

To see your personal statistics, including number of tournaments won and total winnings, click on Prizes & Statistics on the main Tournament Arena screen.