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Quizzy's Corner

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Quizzy's Corner is a quiz game where you answer questions for KinzCash. It can be found on the Map of Kinzville. It is set up as a game show with popular Webkinz character Quizzy the bear as the host.

File:QuizzyHost.png File:quizzyscornerroom.png

It is also known as one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn KinzCash in Webkinz World.



The goal of this game is to answer as many multiple-choice questions correctly as possible to receive a large sum of KinzCash. To answer a question, select a category and simply press "Yes". Then click on the answer you think is correct out of the four possible choices.


At the top of the game you see a menu like this:


The square on the left represents what category of game you're currently playing in. It also tells you how many questions you have left until you complete the series. The purple button in the middle represents how many KinzCash you earned in the last round. If you answered correctly, you earn 5 KC. If you answered the question completely wrong, you receive 2 KC. The square on the right represents the amount of time you have left to answer the question before Quizzy answers it for you. Quizzy gradually eliminates choices, draining the KC prize pool. As a result, you want to answer the question within the first five seconds if you want a chance at the highest possible score. Lastly, the two buttons on the bottom represent the total time you have been answering questions at Quizzy's and the total amount of KinzCash you have earned your visit.

There are a few different ways to play this game. You can select from the following categories: Learn & Play, Calendar Trivia, Daily Bonus Question, Signature Safari.

Learn & Play

The Learn & Play category can be found at the right-hand side of Quizzy's Corner.


To begin the questioning process, select which age group you want to participate in. You can select from the following age groups: Ages 5-6, Ages 7-8, Ages 9-10, Ages 11-12, Ages 13+, Everyone.

The age group you select does not affect the amount of KinzCash you can earn, but it does affect the difficulty of the questions. The "Ages 5-6" category gives out the easiest questions while the "Ages 13+" category gives out the harder questions. Once you select your age category, you will be presented with a list of subjects to choose from.


You can select any of the following subjects: The Arts, Social Studies, Health, Math, Language, Science.

The "everyone" category has different subjects: Kid's World, Pop Culture, Animals, Sports, Fun Facts, Green Thumb, and the Environment.


Once you select your subject you are presented with a menu asking you if you're reading to proceed with the game. Press the "Yes" button and your first question will be given to you.


Take some time to quickly ponder your selection and then click on the answer that you think is best. If you get the answer wrong, the choice you selected disappears and a small hint from Quizzy appears at the bottom. If you wait too long before selecting an answer, Quizzy will start to eliminate wrong answers himself. Once you have answered the question correctly you will see a confirmation menu along with a quick fact relating the question you just answered. You then have the opportunity to answer the next question in the series.

Calendar Trivia

The Calendar trivia is found at the bottom right-hand side of the screen next to the Learn & Play menu.


When selecting the Calendar Trivia button, you are presented with a mini Calendar that looks like this:


There is a question that can be answered for each day of the month. To answer that day's question, click on the first button with a "?" mark inside of it. Once you have answered that day's question you can answer the next day's question. You must go in order (you can NOT skip ahead) and you must always start with the question representing the first day of that month. Each day a new question is added.

You can not answer future questions. For example, on June 18th, 2010 you would only be able to answer questions for dates prior to June 18th, 2010. Questions date June 19th onwards would not be available.

But you CAN go back to previous months and answer all the past questions that you have not previously answered.

When you answer a question the question mark disappears and reveals a piece of the calendar picture underneath. If you answer every question for the month, you will see the whole picture.

Daily Bonus Question

The Daily Bonus Question can be found near the top of the left-hand side of Quizzy's Corner.


As the name implies, you can answer the Daily Bonus Question once a day. The question is random and correctly guessing the answer doubles the amount of KinzCash awarded. If answered correctly, you receive 10 KC instead of the usual 5 KC, whereas you earn 4 KC instead of 2 KC if you answer the question completely wrong during the first few tries. Every new day brings a new Daily Bonus Question.

Signature Safari

The Signature Safari, found at the bottom, is the newest addition to Quizzy's Corner. It was created to spread awareness about endangered animals.


A new category is created to side with every new signature pet released in Webkinz World. When given the menu, choose which pet you want to learn about by clicking on its name. You do not need to own the signature version of the Webkinz pet in order to complete its safari and earn KinzCash.


The Signature Safari is a little different from the rest of Quizzy's. Once you have selected your pet, you are presented with a Safari mapped path of pawprints. Similar to the Calendar Trivia, you can only go in order and you must start with the first pawprint.


Rather than being questioned on any of the usual subjects that Quizzy offers, the Signature Safari questions test you on your knowledge of endangered animals. Like the Daily Bonus Question, each answer is worth double the KC that you earn from normal Quizzy's questions. The object of the Safari is to "walk" the path and answer all of the questions within the pawprints, earning KinzCash as you go.

The prize for completing your first set of Safari questions is a badge.


At the bottom of Quizzy's Corner is your own personal booklet titled "Your Scores and Status". It keeps track of your scores and the stickers you have earned throughout the game.


On the right side of the Score sheet is a menu that keeps track of three things: The Total Question You Have Tried, Your Total Score and Kinzcash Winnings, and Your Average Score Per Question (Out of Five).


On the left side of the Score sheet, you see the following Score key:


This Score key keeps track of the number of stickers you have won per category. Clicking on any of the categories leads you to your sticker page. You earn a sticker every time you complete a series of questions.


Collecting every sticker gives you a Quizzy's badge that you can use on your MyPage.

New Discovery Section

If you answer questions in this section, you will get new stickers to put in your sticker book.

Bear Sticker Awarded


If you don't know the answer, just go with the answer you think is best. The process of elimination helps too - they give you a clue if you don't know the answer. Answers that sound silly usually aren't the right answers, so you can just skip those!