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My Room

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Some General Information

The My Room feature in Webkinz World lets you build and design a house for your webkinz pets. It is found on the Things to Do menu and also in the lower right-hand corner of the Map of Kinzville.

Webkinz Challenges and Collection Friends Events can be accessed through the My Room feature.

What happens when I click on My Room?

When you click on My Room, it takes you to the room your active pet was last in. The easiest way to navigate around your room is to use the House map. Click on the House map button in the top left corner to access the map. You may also buy and rename rooms here. But, if you want to go to other rooms, make sure your Jump button is on.

Room Types

Main Article: Room Types Four types of rooms can be added to your Webkinz House: Inside Rooms, Outside Yards, Underwater Rooms, and Treetop Rooms.

The Inside Rooms come in three sizes: small rooms (5x5), medium rooms (7x7), and large rooms (10x10). All other rooms come in only the largest size (10 x 10).

There are a variety of items you can use to decorate your room such as items from the WShop. Some items can only go in certain types of rooms.

Underwater Rooms can only be unlocked with the purchase and adoption of a Swimming Pet.

Treetop Rooms can only be unlocked with the purchase and adoption of a Flying Pet.

You can expand your Webkinz House by buying rooms. Just click on the buy icon in the My Room section of Webkinz World. The prices of the rooms vary from 500 KC-1000 KC

NOTE: The Sea Otter, Seals, Penguins, and Turtles are not considered swimming pets since they do not spend all of their time underwater.

Room Themes

Main Article: Room Themes

There are 32 room themes available in the W Shop. If you buy all the items in a theme, you can place them comfortably together in a large room that is fully functional and decorative.

There are also eStore room themes. These items can only be bought from the Ganz eStore. These items cannot be sold, traded, or sent via KinzPost.

Arte sometimes sells pieces of rare themes in the Curio Shop, such as the Medieval Theme. The pieces of these rare themes cost much more than those sold in the WShop. There are some retired WShop themes that Arte sells, and there are some themes, such as the Hockey, that are retired for good.

Decorating your Room on a Budget

Main Article: Decorating your Room on a Budget If you need to see how you can decorate your room within your budget, check this chart.

What else can I do in my Room?

There are many activities that you can do in your room(s). Some of those activities are listed below: