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My Page is your very own corner of Webkinz World where you can share all about you! You can use a template to create your page, or design your own. There are also preferences to disable others from viewing your page if you choose.

My Page is the Social Networking aspect of Webkinz World. It has many features that allow members to interact with each other in an anonymous way. It also creates goals for the members to obtain. There are many badges, and taglines that members can try and earn by doing certain tasks.

My Page can be located in the Map of Kinzville. It is near the Kinzville Park and Webkinz Guide and is located towards the bottom of the map.

Member of the Day trophy
Every day Webkinz World chooses a Member of the Day. The Member of Day is chosen from Members who have set up their My Page. If you are chosen to be the Member of the Day, you will receive a Member of the Day Trophy.

The Home Page

The Home Page is where you find out what's going on! It is the first page you see when you visit My Page. There are many neat little widgets to let you know what is going on in Webkinz World.


What is "My BFF's" for?

"My BFFs" is a list of your friends that you've put into your BFF group. When your friends do cool things on the site, it will be shown under "What My BFFs Are Doing." You can click on your BFF's name to open their My Page, if they have one. You can edit your BFF list by clicking on EDIT.


What is "What My BFF's Are Doing" for?

This is a quick way to keep up to date with your BFFs! It is updated when your BFFs do things in Webkinz World, like adopting a pet or getting a personal high score. You can click on REFRESH to update this information.

How do I organize my friends?

First, you need to click EDIT next to My BFFs. Then, you can drag the names of your friends to the category you want. You can put up to 10 friends in your BFFs group. You can put up to 50 friends in your Friends & Family group. You can put up to 50 friends in your Casual Buddies group. This is a great way to keep your entire Friends List organized!

What is the "Meet Someone New" button?

This is a quick button to meet someone new! You will be brought to a random member's My Page when you click this button.


Customizing your Page

The best part about My Page is how easily it can be customized. The options are just about endless. For tips on how to set up and customize your page read the information below.

How do I set my preferences?

To begin, click "Preferences" in the top left corner of your screen.


From here, you are able to control who can view your pages and set what you want to share with people that have put you on their BFFs list.


You need to think and decide who you would like to view the different parts of your page. If you set your Privacy Settings to BFFs Only, then only your BFFs can see your pages. If you set it to Friends & Family Only, your BFFs and your Friends & Family can both see your pages. If you set it to Casual Buddies, your BFFs and Friends & Family can also see them.

One of the most important preferences you can choose is whether or not your page can be included in search results. Think about this before you chose one way or the other.

If you decide that you totally messed up how you set your preferences, you can reset them by clicking "cancel" or if you decide you have it how you want it, just click "done" and they are set!

What is a Widget?

There are different kinds of widgets--the Pet widget, the Favorites widget, and others. Each widget shows different kinds of information. The Favorites widget lets you pick from your favorites from a category. If you pick Games, for example, you can then pick your favorite game and show it off for everyone to see!


How do I edit a Widget?

If you want to edit a widget, click the EDIT button at the top right of the screen. This will put the page into EDIT mode. Then, click on the widget you'd like to change--this will open up the controls for that widget. Put your mouse over the arrows to get more information on what that arrow does. When you're finished, click SAVE. When you're done editing all of your widgets, click VIEW to go back to the VIEW mode of your page.



How do I hide a Widget?

If you want to hide a widget, you must first enter the EDIT mode by clicking EDIT in the top right corner. Then, click the widget that you want to hide--this will open up the controls for that widget. If your widget can be hidden, it will have a HIDE button. When you click HIDE, it will make the widget fade. Click SAVE to close the widget controls. You'll still see the widget for now. Click the VIEW button to exit EDIT mode, and your widget will disappear!

How do I change my template?

If you'd like to change how your My Page is laid out, click on the DESIGN button. Then, pick the template that you'd like and click OK. When you change your template, you'll have to set up your widgets again.


How do I change my theme?

If you'd like to change the backgrounds and the colors of your My Page, click on the DESIGN button. Then, click the theme background you'd like and click OK.

My Page Badges

Main Article: MyPage Badges

In Webkinz World many different activities and accomplishments will award you a My Page Badge. These badges can be viewed by yourself and others in your page.

My Page Taglines

Taglines are titles displayed at the top of a user's MyPage. Most are available to all users, but some are only earned after completion of a task in Webkinz World.

Default MyPage Taglines

  • Webkinz Aficionado
  • Ms. Birdy Fan Club Member
  • Avid Newz Reader
  • W Shop Bargain Hunter
  • Collector Extraordinaire
  • Master Chef
  • Webkinz World Member

Other Taglines

  • Employee of the Month - Earned by doing a job at the Employment Office
  • Tagger - Earned in the Whimsy Skies Arcade game
  • Iron Tunneler - Earned in the Tunneling Twigzy Arcade game
  • Polarberry Jamster - Earned in the Polarberry Jam Arcade game
  • Star Student - Earned by being in the KinzVille Academy
  • Webkinz Graduate - Earned by graduating in the KinzVille Academy
  • Wishing Well Wunderkinz - Earned by spinning 3 Wishing Wells in the middle row in Wishing Well 2
  • Worker Extraordinaire - Earned by completing a Hard Job in the Employment Office many times
  • Three For Three - Earned by completing a Quick Game of Atlantiles and getting three matches in a row
  • Architect- unknown
  • Valedictorian - Earned through the Kinzville Academy

Deluxe Taglines

All Deluxe Taglines are awarded by getting deluxe membership.

  • Deluxe Devotee
  • Deluxe Superfan Extraordinaire
  • Proud to be a Deluxe Member
  • Digging Being Deluxe
  • Gold Channel Gifted



Thank you to Webkinz Insider members LilyRose, Elephantboy42, and KevinElvin for their work on collecting data.