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Employment Office

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What is the Employment Office?

At the Employment Office, there are many jobs you can do to earn KinzCash. The jobs are like miniature games that you can play once every 8 hours, unless you have a deluxe membership in which case you can do one extra job daily.

If you have a deluxe account, a red button sits on Tabby's desk. You can click it once per day giving you an extra chance at completing a job of your choosing. When you are eligible to click the button it will be flashing. When you click the button, a window pops up with a list of all of the jobs offered at the Employment Office. Click on any one of these and that job will start. The level of the job will be the same as if you clicked on the job from the job board, so whatever level you are currently at. If you complete the job sucessfully, then you recieve the kinzcash (amount depending on difficultly/level). Although it is a bonus job, if you are on level 2 or 3 failing to complete the job will count towards the two strikes you have until you move down a level (if you cannot complete/exit a job twice, then you move down a level).

Where is the Employment Office?

The Employment Office can be accessed from the Map of Kinzville and is located near the center of the map.

Who Runs the Employment Office?

The Employment Office is run by Tabby Von Meow, the job advisor. When you go into the Office, she will greet you and let you know if you have a chance to do a job or if you cannot do one yet because you have already attempted a job within the last 8 hours.

Employment Office Jobs

The job board will list the jobs that are currently available. Every hour the jobs change and there are always 5 jobs to choose from.

There are easy, medium and hard jobs, and for each job, three levels of difficulty, Level 1, 2 and 3. Some jobs have pre-requisites, indicated below.

The possible jobs are:

Hard (Green):

Medium (Blue):

  • Gem Mining
    • Pre-requisite: You must have collected at least 20 different types of gems in the Gem Hunt.
  • Baby Sitter
    • Pre-requisite: Complete 50 Kid's World questions at Quizzy's Corner. The "Kid's World" questions are only found in the "Everyone" age category and not in the other age categories.

Easy (Yellow):

When Can I Do Jobs?

You can try to do one job every 8 hours. Tabby Von Meow will keep track using the clock that sits above her head to indicate the time you must wait before you are eligible to attempt another job. Although, the clock might be off by a few minutes.

If you have a Deluxe Membership, you can do one extra job per day by clicking on the flashing red bell beside Ms Tabby Von Meow. Also from time to time a job is featured in Today's Activities, and during this time period you can do the featured job regardless of the time left on the clock. A featured job appears with a pink border.

Easy jobs appear on yellow notices, medium on blue notices, and difficult on green notices.

Deluxe Membership Extra Job

How Do I Perform Jobs?

There are no tutorials for the Jobs in WW. All you have to do is visit and if it has been 8 hours since your last job you can have a try at a job or your choice as long as you have the requirements to do the job.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

Each job has a pay scale depending on the level of difficulty; you only get paid if you successfully complete the job. For each job you start at level 1 and work your way up to level 3; if you succeed 3 times in a job you will move up a level. If you are on a higher level and fail two times in a row, you will drop down a level. Your resume will list each job you have tried, and for each job the number of times you have tried it and how many times you have succeeded. If you quit in the middle of a job or do not complete it, you will not get paid and you will not be able to try another job for eight hours.

The below table explains the payout system for the Employment Office.

Difficulty Level 1 Pay Level 2 Pay Level 3 Pay
Easy 50 KC 100 KC 175 KC
Medium 75 KC 150 KC 250 KC
Hard 100 KC 200 KC 350 KC