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Adoption Center

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File:Welcome to the Adoption Center.png

Every member in Webkinz World has been to the Adoption Center at least once. When you sign up for an account, or are adopting a new pet, you have to visit Ms. Birdy at the Adoption Center.

Each Webkinz plush and virtual eStore pet comes with a Secret Code that is unique to that pet. This secret code allows you to adopt the pet and can only be used once. If a Secret Code is lost, either before or after adopting the associated Webkinz pet, Ganz is not able to replace it.

Begin the Process of Adoption

To begin the process of adopting a pet, players must have an account with a password and username.


If the player does not have account, they will need to choose "New Member".

A change is that new members now cannot adopt a pet from the log-in screen, requiring the adoption of a free pet in Webkinz World to make a new account so that you may go to the Adoption Center.

User Name

The user name chosen for an account will be required to log in to Webkinz World and will also identify the user to his/her friends and others in Webkinz World. User names are not secret and should not include personal information. In case of a forgotten user name, contact Ganz at Ganz will require certain identifying information used to create the account (name, date of birth) and one of the Secret Codes associated with the account. The information must match the information provided when the account was first opened. Note that Ganz will only change a user name if it is inappropriate, includes personal information, includes the pet name, or the account was accessed by a third party (based on the experience of the author).


The password chosen for an account will also be required to log in to Webkinz World. Passwords with both letters and numbers are harder to guess. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. For a discussion on choosing strong passwords, go to Strong Passwords. It is advisable to periodically change the password associated with an account, which can be done from the Webkinz World log-in screen. To obtain access in the event of a forgotten password, click "I forgot my password" on the log-in screen and provide one of the Secret Codes associated with the account. A random password will then be assigned, which can be changed.

It is very important to keep password and Secret Codes secret. If someone obtains a user’s Secret Code or password, they can access the user’s account and rearrange furniture, spend Kinzcash, or worse, email items to themselves or others. If this occurs, Ganz will not replace missing items.

First Adoptions/New Accounts

Ms Birdy runs the Adoption Center. She is the first character you meet in Webkinz World.

For a first adoption or to open a new account, visit, click on "New Member" and follow the instructions for creating a new account. As part of the account creation process, a time zone must be chosen. All activities in Webkinz World will occur based on the time zone chosen. For example, accounts created in a North American time zone have hourly activities:

Winter: Weekdays: 4:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Winter: Weekends: 9:00am - 11:00pm EST

Summer: Everyday: 9:00am - 11:00pm EST

Once an account is created, the time zone selected cannot be changed.

Other information required to open an account includes first name, country of residence and birth date. It is advisable to keep a record of the information provided; a summary of account information can be printed after completion of the registration process.

Note that if you choose "other" as your country of residence you will be unable to access the KinzChat Plus feature in WKW.

The final steps before adopting a pet to complete the account registration process involve choosing a user name and password.

Free Accounts

Players who want to try out Webkinz World for free before purchasing a pet can do so via the log in page for Webkinz World by choosing the third option "I want to create a FREE account".


With a "free account", players must choose a username and password. As of August 2014, players are given the option of adopting a Pink Zebra, Ice Fawn, Leonberger, Afghan Hound, Floppy Eared Bunny, Marshmallow Chipmunk, Sun Fox, Wolf, or Cotton Top Tamarin. (Prior to August 2014, players could adopt a Mutt or a Domestic Cat, but these pets ceased to be available in August 2014). Players are able to select the gender and name for their new trial pet, and the pet comes with the usual adoption package containing the pet specific item, a wish coin and additional prize.

domesticcatadoption.png patches-bio.png

The two trial pets can not be bought in stores.

Limitations of Free Accounts

Free accounts are locked out of the trading room, some arcade games, and even some room themes and items in the W-shop. The following are a list of some of the reported limitations of a free accounts [1]Despite these limitations, free accounts do receive some of the same benefits as regular accounts, including some of the Click-to-Win prizes and even some holiday gift bags, but such benefits could be changed with future programming.

  • In the Clubhouse, a lock appears on the trading room. Members of WI have reported rotation of locked/open games during some time periods but have also reported times when the available/locked games remained constant and did not change [2]
  • Free account members are unable to purchase certain room theme items in the W-Shop.
  • Free accounts are unable to have more than 50 purchased items in their dock (greater than 50 items can be achieved by winning prizes).
  • Free account members can only buy one room for the My Room feature.
  • Free account members are unable to hunt for gems or purchase Rare items at the Curio Shop.
  • Free account members are unable to complete certain jobs in the Employment Office.
  • Free account members cannot mail packages from the Kinzpost.

Features are limited with a free account, but players do have the option to upgrade to a regular account by adding a purchased pet code, thus ending the trial. While using the free account, you will receive messages suggesting that you upgrade to a regular Full Membership by adopting another pet or by becoming a deluxe member by purchasing a Deluxe Membership.

Adding Pets to an Existing Account

You can adopt multiple pets on one account. There are advantages to adopting more than one pet on an account: adopting another pet extends the term of the account and entitles the account holder to receive special bonuses (see below). Another pet can be adopted to an existing account through the Adoption Centre, which can be accessed from the Map of Kinzville. It is found in the right side of the map just above Dr.Quacks. While there is no official limit on the number of pets you can adopt per account, Ganz recommends that a new account be started after adopting 100 pets.

Pets are not transferable from one account to another except within 30 days of starting one of the accounts. However, the transferred pets will be starting over: all items, including those purchased from the e-store, rooms and KC will be lost. It is not known whether the pet(s) will lose any progress made at the Kinzville Academy.

Security Measure When Adopting a New Pet

When you adopt a pet, you will be required for security reasons to enter some secret letters generated at the time of the adoption. Ganz advises that you cannot adopt a pet using an AOL browser because the browser will not display the secret letters and suggests (i) using a different browser, (ii) updating flash player through, or (iii) obtain a new version of Internet Explorer from

Items Received Upon Adopting a Pet

Each pet receives an adoption certificate and a bio, which can be printed. The adoption certificate will state the pet's birthday and the account's expiry date. The bio will indicate what activities, items and food the pet likes. The pet will also receive a special unique gift, not otherwise available, referred to as a "pet-specific item" (PSI), in a pet-specific gift box. The pet will also receive its favorite food, referred to as a "pet-specific food" (PSF). The "Pet of the Month" (“POTM”) comes with a bonus POTM loot bag. The PSI and PSF available with each pet can be viewed in the Webkinz catalogue located on the Webkinz World welcome screen.

First Adoption

You will get the following items when you make your first adoption:

  • 2000KC
  • A Welcome Balloon
  • A Medium Room
  • Your Pet's Special Food (PSF)
  • Your Pet's Special Item (PSI)
  • A Webkinz Guide

Second to Ninth Adoption

You will get the following items if the pet you adopt is your 2nd to 9th adoption:

  • 2500KC
  • A Welcome Balloon
  • A Medium Room
  • Your Pet's Special Food (PSF)
  • Your Pet's Special Item (PSI)
  • An Exclusive Item

More than Nine Adoptions

Once you adopt more than 9 pets every following adoption will give you the following items:

  • 3500KC
  • A Welcome Balloon
  • Your Pet's Special Food (PSF)
  • Your Pet's Special Item (PSI)
  • An Exclusive Item
  • Bonus Gift Box (Or a Super Bed Gift Box)
    • The Bonus Gift Box may contain a 1000KC, an extra exclusive item, or a rare item.
    • The Super Bed Gift Box is awarded on every fifth adoption starting at your tenth adoption (10, 15, 20, 25 etc.)
      • The Super Exclusive Gift Box, once opened, will allow you to select one super bed for your pet. The Sleeping Dragon super bed, Flower Power Super Bed, and the Daredevil Super Bed have been retired and are no longer available as choices when you open a super bed box.

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