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Webkinz Insider Feature Spotlight: Animated Item Gallery

webkinz cheatsMost visitors to Webkinz Insider know about our Picture Gallery, but many people overlook our very special Animated Item Gallery.  Unlike the regular Picture Gallery, the Animated Item Gallery features moving pictures.  
You can see what all of the animated items look like in Webkinz World, in one convenient spot.  The rippling water of the Fancy Fountain, the falling snow in the Santakinz Workshop Window, and even the crawling ants in the Aardvark's Ant Hill Thrill Pit.  Please stop by the WIki and check it out today!
If you have any questions about Webkinz Insider's WIki, or if you'd like to know how to contribute to its content, please stop by the WIki discussion area of our forum.  Together we're building the best Webkinz guide on the internet!

Webkinz Newz Item Values Are Not "Trade" Values

webkinz cheats
We here at Webkinz Insider have noticed that questions are starting to pop up about the "values" Ganz has listed in their "Kinzapedia" Item List.  Many of you want to know why items that are super rare, such as the 2005 Halloween Hat, have such low values.  The answer is that Ganz' values simply reflect how much an item can be sold to the wShop for.  They DO NOT reflect the values most players would assign to these items when trading.
If you are looking for help in determining how much your items are worth when trading, please consider checking out the Webkinz Insider Gift Exchange Value (WIGEV) Guide.  Nearly three years ago, the staff of Webkinz Insider created a comprehensive guide of every item in Webkinz World, complete with item pictures and exchange values.  The WIGEV, which is updated frequently, is the standard reference for players trading inside of our Gift Exchange area as well as for players trading on many other Webkinz fan sites.
To check out the WIGEV, please visit the Webkinz Insider WIki, HERE.

Winners of WIki One Year Anniversary Contest Announced

webkinz cheatsThank you to everyone who participated in our WIki One Year Anniversary Contest.  Hopefully you had as much fun searching for the answers to the trivia questions as the WIki Sysops had coming up with the contest.
For those of you who have been wondering, here are the answers to the five trivia questions, along with links to pages where the answers can be found:
#1  Goober's last name is Hausenfeffer.
#2 The Communal Contest game for the week of March 15th, 2010 was Triple Strike Solitaire.
#3 The Fairy Falls Charm Forest was added to Webkinz on the 2nd of August, 2007.
#4 The most expensive Sandwich Maker recipe is Megachinewich.
#5 The Quizzy's Calendar page that does not have a Webkinz or Webkinz character is December 2008.
And, without further ado, here are the twenty Exclusive item winners.
Amneris,  blessedx5,  Farandaway,  Ilovepotatoes,  Jazzykinz06Kayfookey,  Kimber21,  koala50,  miss spots,  Moonbow,  PilotGirl,  psumommy,  SnowCrystal,  Super Pig,  TexasAnne,  Tiger2819,  webbimom,  wiiboy829winterwonder101,  Xeroni
And the single winner of the retired Cheeky Dog Grill:
If your name is on this list, please check your in-box for instructions on how to claim your prize.  Congratulations to our winners, and Thank You to our WIki Sysops, canonymous, ClaraZ25, and monkeecj.

Webkinz Insider WIki One Year Anniversary Contest

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 09/10/2010 - 12:29am Eastern Time.
webkinz cheats 
Has it really been one year already?  It seems like just yesterday the Webkinz Insider WIki was launched on the site.  Now this amazing feature has grown to more than 8,000 unique pages, and more information is being added every day.  There's no doubt that our members are building the most comprehensive Webkinz World guide on the internet!
To celebrate, we're holding a trivia contest.  Five questions have been posted in the forum's contest section.  Simply track down the answers to the questions and submit your entry.  At the end of the week, twenty-one winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries.  Twenty members will each receive a current Exclusive item, and one lucky winner will receive a Cheeky Dog Grill!
For complete contest details, please visit the contest thread, located HERE.
NOTE:  Today, Friday, September 17, is the final day to get your entries in!

New Feature Added to Webkinz Insider: Animated Item Gallery

webkinz cheatsThank you to the hard work and dedication of our Webkinz Insider members, we are pleased to announce the debut of a brand new feature:  the Animated Item Gallery.  
Unlike our regular Picture Gallery, the Animated Item Gallery features moving pictures!  Now you can see exactly what the animated items look like in Webkinz World, in one convenient spot.  The rippling water of the Fancy Fountain, the falling snow in the Santakinz' Workshop Window, and even the spooky eyes of the Ghostly Urn are there for everyone to see.  Please stop by the WIki and check it out today!
If you have any questions about the WIki, or if you'd be interested in contributing to its content, please visit the WIki Discussion section of our forum.  Every registered member of Webkinz Insider is eligible to participate.  A special thank you goes out to our WIki Sysops, canonymous, ClaraZ25, and monkeecj for keeping the entire project on track.

Reminder: Webkinz Insider "WIki" Has Copies of All W-Tales Books

webkinz cheatsYesterday's Webkinz Newz question asked about the W-Tales stories.  Did you know where to go to find them?  Because Ganz removed most of the stories from the Kinzville Times newspaper several months ago, the only place you can go to read every W-Tale story ever released is to visit the Webkinz Insider "WIki".  Thanks to our members, we have an amazing Webkinz World Book Page that contains copies of all of the W-Tales, and several other books as well.
  • Want to check out the Book Page for yourself?  Click HERE.  
  • Want to learn more about the characters in the stories?  Click HERE.  
  • Trying to figure out what a "wiki" is and why it's important to WI?  Click HERE.

Webkinz Insider is Seeking Contributions to WI's Webkinz WIki

webkinz cheats
Have you visited Webkinz Insider's WIki recently? If not, there's no time like the present. Our database is growing by leaps and bounds every day and with the help of our members we are building what we hope will become the most comprehensive Webkinz World guide on the internet.

For those of you who may not know, a "wiki" is a special kind of on-line database. It's sort of like an encyclopedia where regular people, even those with no programming knowledge, can contribute information. But, unlike that dusty old encyclopedia sitting on a library shelf that still says Ronald Regan is president, a wiki can be kept up to date, moment by moment.

For those of you who are familiar with wikis and who may not trust them, we have news for you too. Only members of Webkinz Insider can contribute to WI's WIki, all contributions are reviewed by our Staff, and our Staff has the ability to edit and/or block as necessary. It is important to us that our guide be as accurate as possible.

Are you interested in adding to our Webkinz Insider WIkiFantastic! We'd love to have your contributions. Just click HERE to visit our newly created WIki discussion area.  If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact a staff member or WIki Sysop for help.
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