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Gallery of Santakinz Pictures Returns for Christmas 2011

Originally Submitted by FIA on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 1:18pm, ET.
Santakinz has returned to Webkinz World!  Now is the time to take your Webkinz to the Clubhouse to sit on Santakinz' lab and to tell him what they want for Christmas.  As many of you know, after your Webkinz returns home, he/she will receive a message via KinzPost that contains a picture of your pet sitting on Santakinz' lap.  
In 2009 and 2010, Webkinz Insider members collected these pictures to create the Gallery of Santakinz Pictures.  This gallery contains a picture of every pet that exists in Webkinz World sitting on Santakinz' lap.  Well, at least it did at the end of last year.  Many, many Webkinz were added to Webkinz World in 2011, and we need YOUR HELP to fill in the gallery.   
Before you go to visit Santakinz, please take a moment to review the pictures in the gallery, HERE.  If you own a pet that is not pictured, please take that pet to the Clubhouse.  Then, when you receive the picture by KinzPost, take a screen shot for the gallery.  Remember, only one pet per account is allowed to go see Santakinz, so choose your pet carefully.
For assistance in uploading your picture to Webkinz Insider, please visit the Santakinz Gallery Project thread, located HERE, in the WIki Discussion area of the forum.  Thank you to everyone for your help!
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Webkinz Emotions, From Happy to Sad, We Have Them All

We've all seen our Webkinz when they're happy, but have you ever wondered about the range of other feelings they experience?  Whether they're excited, sad, or sick, our pets are very good at showing how they feel.  If you want to see what these different emotions look like, you're in luck!
The Webkinz Insider WIki, the most complete Webkinz guide on the internet, now contains a Webkinz Pet Emotions page.  This page shows what every pet in Webkinz World looks like, from excited to sick, and everywhere in between.  It's a great resource for everyone from the curious player to the experienced avatar/signature designer.  Click HERE to check it out.
Thank you to Webkinz Insider members Cheesy1, Aikou, Babykittyricky, Cria, Hoodedwarbler13, Lanawas, and Mickey26 for putting so much hard work into this project!

Webkinz Insider Feature Reminder: Full List of Webkinz Characters

Have you ever encountered a character in Webkinz World, either in a feature, or in in a W-Tales story, and you wanted to learn more about him or her?  Here on Webkinz Insider, we have the perfect solution!
Inside the Webkinz Insider WIki HERE, WI members have compiled a complete listing of every character that has ever appeared in Webkinz World.  The page's main chart provides a quick reference, but you can also click on a character's name to learn even more.  
Stop by and check out the Webkinz Insider WIki today!

The Adventure Park is Now Open in Webkinz World!

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The Adventure Park has arrived! 
Members who adopt any of the 6 special pets feature in the Adventure Park at Webkinz World will have access to this special feature.  Please note:  If you previously adopted a Pink Pony, Koala, Spotted Frog, Chimpanzee, Spotted Leopard, or Mud Hippo the pet will not count for the Adventure Park unless the adoption happened after August 3rd, 2011. 
According to Ganz, "Please note: Members are able to walk around Adventure Park without an Adventure Series Pet however, you won't see the exciting quests."
Players entering the Adventure Park after adopting the new pets will get to go on special quests with challenges that can earn prizes.  During these quests, you will be interacting with Characters (some are brand new to Webkinz World)!  Each Adventure Park also comes with a special Mini-Quest that you can share with an Adventure Park friend. 
webkinz cheats  webkinz cheats webkinz cheats
Still looking for an Adventure Park of your own to adopt?  Don't forget to check out Webkinz Insider's partner store, Ameriwade, still has a few in stock!  Ameriwade features $5 flat-rate shipping, customers who pay with credit cards aren't charged until their orders ship, and a portion of every sale made online at goes to supporting Webkinz Insider.
UPDATE - August 18th: Many players logged in today expecting to be able to participate in a Daily Quest at the Adventure Park since they unlocked the feature yesterday using one of the 6 special pets.

This afternoon, an article on Webkinz Newz was posted to clarify this situation.  According to the article, the Daily Quest feature is expected to be added on August 31st. 

Webkinz Insider WIki, Now Available on Mobile Devices!

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We are pleased to announce that the Webkinz Insider WIki, the #1 Webkinz World guide on the internet, can now be accessed on mobile devices!  Thank you to WIki SysOp ClaraZ25 (aka Patrick) for figuring out the programming issues that were causing our previous problems.  Now you can view the entire WIki, including our famous Gift Exchange Value Guide and Picture Gallery, when you're on the go!
If you have any questions about the Webkinz Insider WIki, or if you would like to contribute to its development, but you don't know where to get started, check out our WIki discussion area.  One of our WIki SysOps or other Staff members would be happy to help you out.
webkinz cheats
Don't forget, if you are viewing the Webkinz Insider forum on your mobile device, there are some special "skins" that can make it easier for you to navigate and to see what's going on.  Just scroll down to the very bottom of the forum and look for the drop down menu that says Webkinz Insider Default.  If you are using an iPhone, select iPhone.  If you are using a Droid, select Blue Colors.  It's that easy!

Quick Look at Pollie Jean Collie's Clothing Machine Recipes

webkinz cheatsIt sure has been a busy week for PJ and her Clothing Machine.  With the solutions for three clothing items being reported in just the past few days, there has been an increased interest in all of her clothing patterns (aka recipez).  Are you interested in making some new KinzStyle for your Webkinz?  Check out the Webkinz Insider WIki for a complete list of all of the solved patterns.  
Are you interested in trying to solve a pattern yourself?  Check out the WIki or our Clothing Machine Recipes section for pictures of the unsolved patterns.  Remember, the first person to post a new solution here on Webkinz Insider will get front-page credit and will have their name posted in the WIki itself.  

Just for Fun: WI WIki's Pets Say the Cutest Things!

webkinz cheatsWebkinz pets really do say the cutest things!  Whether it's after they'e eaten a special food, gotten dressed in a new item of clothing, or just gotten off the potty, they all have things to say.  Many of these phrases give players a peek at the sense of humor the Webkinz designers must have.
There are a couple hundered different sayings in Webkinz World, and our WIki team, led by Webkinz Insider member curiousg, is working on collecting them all.  Click on in (HERE) to take a look at their amazing project today.
Do you know of a phrase that is missing from the list?  Come on in to the WIki discussion area and let the WIki team know.  Remember, we're all working on the WIki together and all Webkinz Insider members are invited to contribute!

Just for Fun: Spotlight on the Medieval Theme

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Are you building a Medieval-themed room in your Webkinz house?  Don't forget to stop by the Curio Shop today to do some shopping.  In an unusual twist, Arte has decided to put three rare Medieval items up for sale today.  Deluxe players can purchase the Medieval Dining Chair at 3pm KT.  All players can purchase the Medieval Monarch Sofa at 4pm KT and then the Royal Estate Bed at 5pm KT.  These items aren't cheap, so make sure you have enough KinzCash on-hand before you start shopping.
Did you know that Webkinz World used to have a King?  According to Webkinz legend, "King Kinz was known for being kind and just.  The kingdom he so carefully built was the foundation for the Webkinz World we know today."  King Kinz was served by Sir Galahippo, Webkinz World's bravest knight.
To learn more about the Medieval Theme, and to learn more about the Characters in Webkinz world, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki, the most comprehensive Webkinz World guide on the internet.

Webkinz Insider Feature Reminder: WIki Room Themes page

webkinz cheatsDid you know that there are nearly 100 different room themes in Webkinz World!  Things sure have come a long way from when the wShop first opened with just a handful of themes, and designers now have an amazing selection of furniture and objects to use when decorating their pets' rooms.
Have you ever needed help figuring out which items go with which theme?  If so, check out the Webkinz Insider WIki Room Theme page.  This page provides a quick-reference to all room themes in Webkinz World.  Even the most experienced Webkinz players will find a wealth of information in the room theme pages.  Click on in and check them out today!

Webkinz Insider Feature Spotlight: Noisy Items Collection

webkinz cheatsFirst we brought you still pictures.  Then we brought you moving pictures.  Now we're bringing you sounds!  Have you ever thought about purchasing a Webkinz World item, but you wanted to know what type of noise it made first?  Now, thanks to our dedicated WIki contributors, Webkinz Insider has all of this information posted in one place:  the Noisy Items Collection page.
Not only does this page show you all of the items in Webkinz World that make noise, along with their exact names and how they are obtained, but we've got the sounds as well.  Just click on an item's name to hear a short recording.  From the crackling of the fire in the Cheery Chimney Fireplace to the flushing of the Sea Blue Toilet, we've got it all!
Like most pages in the Webkinz Insider WIki, this page is a "work in progress".  Do you know of a "noisy" item we've missed?  Do you have a recording of a sound we don't yet have?  Just stop by the WIki discussion area to find out how you can contribute to this fantastic project.

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