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Three new floor, wallpaper sets added to Webkinz Room Designer!

Yet another part of today's sweeping update to Webkinz World was the addition of 3 new Wallpaper/Flooring sets. Two of them are from the Webkinz eStore, while the other is the extra Pet Specific Item for the Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra.
We've added all of them to our Webkinz Room Designer right here on Webkinz Insider, so you can try out all of the flooring and wallpaper combinations to see what they look like before buying them at the eStore, or pairing a rare flooring with the wrong walls!
wallpaper and flooring in webkinz world
You can see the Cape Mountain Wallpaper and Cape Mountain Flooring combination in our Webkinz Room Designer above. The other flooring and wallpaper that were added were the Skunk Stripes Wallpaper and Skunk Stripes Flooring (eStore POTM promotion) and the Wicked Awesome Wallpaper and Funky Flooring. Have fun decorating!

Chipette codes going out TUESDAY via e-mail -- Update your profiles!

Webkinz chipette dress costumes
Congratulations to everyone who posted a valid entry in the Chipette Costume Contest thread! We had less entries than we have feature codes to give away, so you're all winners! Every winner is going to receive at least one code via e-mail. After that, we're going to randomly select a second round of winners from that thread and keep sending out e-mails until we run out of codes! 
If you entered the contest, please be sure that your e-mail address is current in your UserCP (found under the white bunny in the banner). The feature codes will be sent to the e-mail address that you have in your account.
In addition, anyone who received a message that they had been disqualified from the contest, please ignore the notice, as it was a mistake! Everyone who posted at least once will receive a prize, even if they accidentally posted again.
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Webkinz Insider Announces "Thank You Canada!" Contest for Free Chipette Costumes!

Thank you canada
When we first learned that Ganz was unable to include the rest of the world the Chipmunk Movie advertisements due to contractual constraints, there were a lot of upset members here on Webkinz Insider, and in the rest of the Webkinz community.
Thankfully our Canadian members have come to the rescue! Over the past two days they have collected and sent in 5,937 FEATURE CODES, and we're going to give every single one of them away to our members! 
To enter to win one of the Costume Codes, all you have to do is be a member of Webkinz Insider and post a "Thank You" comment in this thread, as a thanks to the tireless efforts of generosity of our dedicated Canadian members to earn as many codes as possible for everyone outside of Canada.
UPDATE:  Due to an error, the contest thread was accidentally closed for a few hours on Saturday.  As a result, we are going to extend the contest one more day.  If you haven't had a chance to post your entry, today's the day to do it!
The winners will be randomly selected on Sunday, April 11th Monday, April 12th and the feature codes will start going out to the winners on on that day. It may take some time to get all of them out to you, so please be patient. We will be distributing the codes to you directly via PM on our forum or via the e-mail to the address registered on our forum. Click READ MORE for complete contest details. Remember, you must be a registered member of our Webkinz Insider Forum to be eligible to win, so if you're not a member, there's no better time to join Webkinz Insider -- Click Here to Join -- It's completely free!
NOTE:  If you are NOT logged in when you make a post,
your entry will NOT be counted.
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Winners of the WI March Monthly T-Shirt Design Contest Announced!

Thank you to all who entered last month's T-shirt Design Contest.  There were so many fantastic entries that it took us three days to select two winners!  The contest winners are:
Red Lava Lamp = awsome (blue shirt shown below)
Purple Lava Lamp = Webkinz Mama (black shirt shown below)
webkinz cheats    webkinz cheats
Please join me in congratulating both of our lucky winners!  Don't forget to participate in WI's 3rd Birthday contest running through April 29th.  You could win a Sherbet Bunny!

Webkinz Insider Chipette Costume Contest Coming Soon

Originally Submitted by FIA on Fri, 04/02/2010 - 2:20pm.
webkinz cheats webkinz cheats webkinz cheats
We here at Webkinz Insider know that many of our members are disappointed that the current Webkinz Newz Chipette Costume Contest turned out to be for Canadian players only.  Although there is nothing we can do about Ganz' contractual constraints on conests, we can do the next best thing:  hold a contest of our own!
In the next few days we will announce the contest details, so stay tuned.  If you have some extra costumes you'd like to donate, you can send them by KinzPost to our contest account, WIGIFTZ.  If you prefer to donate unused codes, you can send them to  If you keep seeing ads, but you've run out of e-mail addresses to use, you may use any e-mail address and we will get the codes (ex.,,, etc).
NOTE:  If you get a message that the email address has already been used, you can click "refresh" and try again.  With so many of you sending us costumes, it's no surprise some of you are trying the same names.
Every costume we receive will be used as a prize in next week's contest.  Thank you to all of our Canadian members for their generosity!
UPDATE: For those of you who are wondering how well this is working out for our members all over the world. Our Canadian members have shocked us with their generosity and dedication to this cause -- as of 7 PM Kinz Time on April 2nd, we have received over 600 codes!! Simply AMAZING!!!
UPDATE 2: As of 9:20 PM Kinz Time on April 2nd, our Canadian members have doubled the number, with 1200 Chipette Costume Codes -- you are all incredible!! They are coming in at about 5-10 per minute!!
UPDATE 3: As of 9:20 AM Kinz Time on April 3rd ..... We have 2900 codes!! Wow, what an amazing thing to wake up to!!
UPDATE 4: As of 9:20 PM Kinz Time on April 3rd ... We have SURPASSED 5000 codes!!
UPDATE 5: I can't believe it.. the contest just ended and our Canadian members helped us collect 5,937 codes! Get ready for our biggest contest yet by far on Monday!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Important Notice: All Webkinz Insider Members Please Read!

Webkinz Insider April Fool Banner
For those of you who may not know, my name is Kevin. My wife, Wendy, and I are the original founders of Webkinz Insider. I know I haven't been around the forum much lately, but that is something that is going to change here and now. Many of you have noticed that one of our staff members was banned on Wednesday morning, and I apologize for not addressing this issue earlier. It has been a busy couple of days, and I have a lot to catch up on. 

Although we have a policy of not discussing banned members here on Webkinz Insider, I felt it was important to let everyone know what is going on. There are some big changes coming up, and if we are going to make it through this as a community, I am going to need your assistance. For more information on the recent and upcoming changes, please click HERE.

WI Member Adopts Diamond Doggy

Congrats to thinksharp on their adoption of the Diamond Doggy. Here we can see Marilyn next to her Pet Specific Item: Diamond Piano, which when you click on it, it plays classical music! The Pet Specific Food is Diamond Dipped Sugar Cone
webkinz cheats
webkinz cheats

Dragonbird's Cheese Touch Contest -- March 31st ONLY!

What happens when you cross Diary of a Wimpy kid with the retirement of the White Mouse? 
A Cheese Touch Contest! 
For this contest, you will need to incorporate the cheese from my thread in your avatar (or use the pre-made avatar in the forum) and post at least once on my Cheese Touch Thread (Click Here), which is actually a game (and you may "play" as many times as you like, but chances of winning are the same if you post once or a hundred times).
Webkinz Cheese TouchWebkinz Cheese Touch
After you have updated your avatar to include the cheese somewhere in it, you must post on the official Cheese Touch Thread (HERE). I have the Cheese Touch first, so the next person (let's say Justin) that posts will say, "Dragonbird has the Cheese Touch!" The next person will say, "Justin has the Cheese Touch" and so on. We will continue passing the Cheese Touch along until the Contest ends. There is no need to post to say you are entering, simply posting that the person above you has The Cheese Touch will suffice, AND you can pass that Cheese Touch as many times as you like.
The winners will randomly be selected, and if they have posted on the Cheese Touch thread and have the cheese in their avatar, they will win one of the LOADS of prizes we have, including the White Mouse psi, the Cheese Table. This contest will only last for ONE DAY, today, Wednesday, March 31. Winners will be announced on Thursday, April 1 (no joke!).

Official Webkinz Insider March Contest! Win a Retired Red or Purple Lava Lamp!

Originally Submitted by Wendy on Wed, 03/03/2010 - 1:12pm.
Get your T-Shirts in!  This contest ends on Wednesday night!
webkinz cheatswebkinz cheatswebkinz cheats
We just finished up an awesome Valentine Room Design contest here on Webkinz Insider and we gave away two eStore exclusive Webkinz Love Dinos.  Now that February's contest is over, we're ready to dive into the contest for March.  For this month's contest we want you to create a T-Shirt for Webkinz Insider using the Ganz eStore T-Shirt Designer.  There will be two winners for this contest.  One will receive a retired Mauna Loa Lamp (Red Lava).  The other will receive a retired Violet Volcano Lamp (Purple Lava).
UPDATE (March 11th):  Those of you who were unable to access the T-Shirt Designer
in the Ganz eStore can now use the T-Shirt Designer in PJ's KinzStyle Outlet!
For complete contest details, please visit the contest thread located HERE in the contest section of the forum.  You must be a member to enter so be sure to register for the forum if you have not already done so!
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Happy 3rd Birthday Webkinz Insider!

As you all can probably tell from the amazing birthday banner that fairlyoddmom created for WI, today is our third birthday here at WebkinzInsider.Com! Wendy and I can't believe how much WI has grown since that fateful day in March, 2007. We now have just short of 16 million posts, over 500,000 threads and over 145,000 members!
WebkinzInsider anniversary banner
We both know that we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you and we're holding a special contest running through Webkinz Day (April 29th, 2010). Wendy and I both decided that we should give away a very special prize that was significant to WI's creation and both agreed that it should be the Webkinz Sherbet Bunny (code & plushie, or just code, winner's choice). When we started WI, the Sherbet Bunny was one of the most popular Webkinz and has been used in a number of contests throughout WI's history, so it was the perfect choice!
Win a free Webkinz Sherbet Bunny!Insider Insider Badge
In addition, we're going to give away 3 Insider Insider Annual Subscriptions to our WebkinzInsider Forum.
All you have to do to enter is post in our Official Contest Thread and tell us your favorite memories about Webkinz World or WI over the past 3 years.  You can post as many times as you want! Every person who posts on the thread will have an equal chance of winning the prizes, no matter how many times they post.
If the thread exceeds 33,333 posts by Webkinz Day, April 29th, we have a few more surprises to add to the pot!
Happy 3rd Birthday WI and thank you to each and every one of our members for all of your support, passion and enthusiasm that keeps Webkinz World and Webkinz Insider going!

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