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Maintenance News

Webkinz Game Grand Grotto released

Previously we released some news about a game that our pets were asking for but didn't seem to exist; Grand Grotto. We are pleased to announce that Webkinz has released this game for play in the arcade. However, it is a Deluxe only game. It can be accessed through the web and Desktop app versions, only at this time. The idea behind the game is to get the water flowing through 50 levels by breaking gems and when you get to the end you win a Trophy. After you have finished the game, you can go back through and play any level you wish, again. There is only one trophy per account and it is not a Kinzpostable item. So you can take your time earning it.

KinzStyle Outlet Offers New Spring Line and Retires Winter Line Prematurely! *UPDATE!*

This morning's maintenance brought some unexpected changes to the Webkinz World's KinzStyle Outlet, also known as Pollie Jean Collie's shop. 
Although the retirement of the 2012 winter line of clothing was first scheduled for April 11, then postponed to April 25, these items have disappeared from the KinzStlye Outlet as of this morning. However, Webkinz Newz is now announcing that they will be giving away some of these retired clothing over the next few weeks, in an as-yet undisclosed event.  Keep tuned to Webkinz Insider for more information!
A new line of outfits for spring has appeared in the New Items section of the KinzStyle Outlet. Pictured above, you can see the Denim Dress, Gray Cardigan, Laced Heels, Polka Dot Rain Boots, Polka Dot Rain Coat, Polka Dot Rain Hat, Spiral Designer Dress, Striped Turtle Neck, Tan Leather Skirt and Zum Buckled Belt.
Happy shopping!
UPDATE:  The newly retired winter clothing is showing up in the Curio Shop at various prices, which go from 20% more than the regular price, to reductions as low as 40% off. Be sure to visit Arte if you're missing some of this past winter's warm clothing! Keep an eye on our Rares Tracking Thread for more hour-by-hour info HERE.

Wednesday Brings New Updates To Webkinz World

 Webkinz World's wednesday update brought a few new changes to Webkinz. Those who are fans of the Challenges that have been added in the past will be happy to know there are three new ones, "The BigScoop," "Smarty Pants," and "Earth Day 2012" all have been added with exciting prizes to earn! 
Members may remember the new "Studio Theme" that was teased earlier this month on Webkinz Newz. The theme was added today with the following items: Fashion Mannequin, Fashion Sewing Machine, Art Paint Palette Rug, Fashion Fabric Rolls, Music Notes Sofa, Volcano Poster, Art Sink and Creative Studio Wallpaper and Flooring.
Finally, the Wheel of WoW received a new update. While the idea of spinning the wheel still remains, some elements have added to make you come back for more!  The Wheel of WoW now features a 15 slot "Prize Meter." Spin it 15 times to fill the bar, and you could win one of 33 Daily Kinzcare awards.

Members Reporting Issues With Webkinz World *UPDATED*

Members have been reporting issues with Webkinz World early starting early Saturday morning. The game servers, and Webkinz Newz, were responding as unavailable. Normally we would wait and report the results of the downtime, as it is related to maintenance, however no maintenance appeared to be scheduled this weekend.
There have been no reports from Ganz yet on the cause of these issues. Seeing as this is affecting many users, we wanted to assure our fans that this is not an issue you alone are experiencing. 
Players are beginning to report that webkinz newz is starting to come online, and some have reported being able to log into Webkinz world for short periods of time. Glitches are still affecting gameplay. Those who have been able to log into Webkinz have been unable to play or participate on most of the site due to server issues.
Update: As of 10pm EST, members have been reporting they are able to log into Webkinz world once again. Although most have logged in, many are still expiriencing issues with the servers including green screens and games freezing, hopefully things will return to normal soon!

Webkinz Adds Five New Exclusives and Retires Three.

 Webkinz has released five new exclusive items available through the Wish machine, or new pet adoption gifts. These items are the Ancient Aztec Stone Statue, Classic Car Booth, Egyptian Tomb Window, Salt Water Aqua Table, and Snack Cart Stove.
webkinz cheats
Along with the release of these five new exciting items, three exclusives were retired.  These include the Ambulance, Grandfather Clock, and Ribbon and Bows Tree.
webkinz cheats   webkinz cheats    webkinz cheats

Webkinz World Server Maintenance Scheduled for Thursday Morning *UPDATE*

Ganz has announced that Webkinz World will be down from 9:30am to 10:30am, Eastern Time, on Thursday morning, October 6.  This planned maintenance will be for "server improvements."
UPDATE: The downtime has been moved to  12pm to 1pm Eastern Time.
UPDATE:  It has now been moved to 3:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern Time.
UPDATE:  The rolling downtime is also effecting the contest (such as Peek A Newz) on the Webkinz Newz Site.  Ganz reps are indicating the contests may not work properly this evening (October 6th).

New SuperFan Theme and Pop Diva Theme Items *UPDATE*

webkinz cheatsThose of you decorating with the new SuperFan Theme should be pleased to hear that the second half of the theme has been added to the wShop.  Players can now purchase the Sleepy SuperFan Bed, Webkinz Nut Nightstand, Webkinz SuperFan Dresser, SuperFan Toy Shelf, SuperFan Toy Chest, and Webkinz Fanatic Floor Lamp.  Also available in the wShop is a new item from the Pop Diva Condo Theme, the Pop Diva Welcome Mat.   
UPDATE:  There appears to be a glitch affecting the Pop Diva Welcome Mat.  When Arte has it for sale in the Curio Shop, he has it marked as an "Arte's Favorite", which is supposed to mean that it is not for sale anywhere else.  However, the Pop Diva Welcome Mat can also be purchased in the wShop in the "Decorations" section.
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In other Pop Diva news, Arte has added three new Curio Shop Only items to his collection, the KinzCash Side Table, High Note Lamp, and Top Record Place Setting.  When these items go up for sale, they are marked with an "Arte's Favorites" logo.  The rest of the Pop Diva Condo Theme can be purchased in the Ganz eStore.

Adventure Park Expected to Launch on Wednesday

webkinz cheatsGanz has been dropping hits all day today about something special that is going to happen tomorrow (Wednesday).  It appears that the long-awaited Adventure Park is finally coming to Webkinz World!   In order to get into the Park, players need to adopt one of the six Adventure Park pets:  Pink Pony, Koala, Spotted Frog, Chimpanzee, Spotted Leopard, or Mud Hippo.  Each pet has a very specific quest to go on and they can each earn some fantastic prizes!  
See the Webkinz Insider WIki for complete Adventure Park details.

Maintence Announced for Webkinz World

Ganz has announced that Webkinz World will be down for scheduled maintenance from 6:00am to 8:00am Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 16.  
Webkinz Insider, however, will be up and running at that time.  We're your #1 source for Webkinz information, and we're always open!

Scheduled Maintenance for Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz

webkinz cheatsGanz has announced that Webkinz World will be down for scheduled maintenance from 6:00am to 8:00am Eastern Time on Friday, August 12.  The Webkinz Newz site will also go down for maintenance at 6:00am.
Webkinz Insider, however, will be up and running at that time.  We're your #1 source for Webkinz information, and we're always open!

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