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Holiday News

UPDATE Halloween Theme Chosen

UPDATE!! The results from the voting are in and the winning theme is the Trick or Treat Street Theme! UPDATE!!
Voting is now over, results are in.
We have one day left to vote on a New W-Shop Theme for Halloween. The concept drawings of one piece of each theme are displayed below with a link to the Voting page. It will close Midnight July 25th. The themes are Glampire, which is supposed to represent a Teenaged Vampire's room. Then we have Trick or Treat Street which will have Home Fronts and outdoor furniture. Lastly, the Cauldron Café theme which will cater to witches and Wizards wich will have a lot of weathered and spider webs . I know I like all three and I can't wait to see the concept drawings as the October 1st date for introduction to the W-shop gets closer. Autumn sure looks like it will be fun in Webkinz World.

WI Member Adopts Sold Out 10 Year Magic W Pup

Congrats to WI Member ThePinkNinja04 on their adoption of the 10 Year Magic W Pup.  Webster is pictured here in his Pet Specific Item (PSI) The Happy Ten Years Bed. This pet comes with an additional two PSI items: The Happy Ten Years Wallpaper, and Happy Ten Years Flooring (also pictured). The Pet Specific Food for the 10 Year Magic W Pup is the Magic Ice Pop.
Is the 10 Year Magic W Pup one you want to add to your collection?  If so, you may want to pick it up soon! StLouisCutie184 alerted the WI Community earlier this week, that Ganz has announced (via their Facebook page) this popular pup has sold out of its warehouse.  If you are interested in adding this special plush pet to your collection, you are strongly advised to purchase it as soon as possible from your local Webkinz Store.
For our members who are unable to find the 10 Year Magic W Pup in store, or would rather a vitual only option, Ganz has released an online only version of this pet on the Ganz eStore.  The virtual only version of this special pet includes the same PSI items and PSFs. The only thing that is not included is the Plush toy!  For a collector of virtual pets, or someone unable to find the Plush toy, this is a fantastic option to celebrate Webkinz World's tenth anniversary! 

WI Member Adopts Gingerbread Puppy

 Congratulations to WI member Adrib on their adoption of the Gingerbread Puppy.  Pictured on the left is Candie Claus, with their pet specific item the Gingerbread Bed. The Gingerbread Puppy loves bringing holiday cheer to big and small, and would sure love to share  its pet specific food, Gingersnap Pie, with anyone who stops by.  
This puppy is sugary sweet, and sure to be a holiday hit with any Webkinz fan.  If this puppy brings you or a loved one some holiday cheer, be sure to add her to your collection soon--as the Gingerbread Puppy is a special seasonal pet! WI's partner store, Ameriwade, has this delightful pup available for purchase -- but act quickly before they all dash away!

July 25th is a Super School Day at the Kinzville Academy

Ms Cowoline is giving everyone a nice surprise on Christmas in July with a Super School Day today! By finishing a class today, you get two credits versus the standard one credit! This makes getting a diploma from the Kinzville Academy all that much sooner! 
If you have never been to the Kinzville Academy, don't worry. Ms Cowoline will tell you everything you need to know. 
Happy Christmas in July Kinzville Students!!!

Flower Collection Runs From May 1st - May 31st

Has your pet been dreaming of a Flowery Greenhouse and winning some other prizes along the way? Starting May 1st, click on your map in Webkinz World and click on the Flower Collection icon in the bottom right hand corner. All you have to do is collect flowers from your friends and you will win prizes enroute to the grand prize... the Flowery Greenhouse! This event runs through May 31st.

Spring Celebration Baskets Arrive March 31st

Asian account holders are welcomed with the 2013 Spring Celebration Basket when they logged into their account on March 31st.  Not saying what is in the basket, but you will find a couple foods and a furniture awaiting inside. Don't forget that this is the last day to collect chocolate eggs. Happy Spring!

Eggs, Eggs and More Eggs! ** UPDATE **

The Chocolate Eggs have returned this year! The eggs can be found in many locations:
  • When you log into Webkinz World, you are given one
  • If you are lucky enough to land on the egg on the Wheel of WOW
  • There is a floaty clicky egg that is in Webkinz World (only 1 per day)
  • An ad on Webkinz Newz
  • Today's Activities on the weekend
These eggs can be found until March 31st. Happy Spring!
UPDATE: All Chocolate Egg Event Prizes will be Kinzpostable after April 3rd

The Leprechaun is Back

 "Top of the mornin' to ya!"
The Leprechaun is back this year and popping into various clubhouse rooms. You can currently see him every three hours to collect your six jellied coins. Collect all six and then you will be awarded a magical surprise. If you need help trying to find him, you can visit the tracking thread. Good luck!

Happy Valentine's Day

Don't forget to log into your Webkinz World Account on Valentine's Day; your pets will be happy that you did. Upon logging in you will be welcomed with...
That is a great way to start the day! Because your pets love Valentine's Day, don't forget to look at the Daily Activities and spin the Super Wheel! The Super Wheel is only available on certain holidays in Webkinz World, so be sure not to miss spinning it!

Webkinz Insider Member Adopts Winter Solstice Stag!

Winter Solstice may have passed, but Webkinz Insider members can continue to celebrate in Webkinz World! In late November, we brought you the news of the Winter Solstice Stag soon to be arriving in Kinzville .. We are now pleased to congratulate vanberk on being the very first Webkinz Insider member to adopt this festive pet! Please welcome Equinox, shown here with his Pet Specific item, the beautiful Moonlit Evergreen!
Equinox has his antlers properly decorated for his fave holiday and loves the changing of the seasons! .. almost as much as he loves to eat Polarberry Perogies, his Pet Specific Food!
Welcome home, Equinox!

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